Environmental Modelling

Coastal Environment

BMT's marine environment group provides a range of environmental services including modelling, EIAs, coastal erosion studies, coastal protection. We use state of the art models combined with international experience.

Specialist expertise is offered in computer modelling of hydrodynamic, sedimentation and water quality processes of coastal, estuarine and river waters.  Our team comprises specialist coastal and ocean engineers and scientists. 

Our services include:

  • Determination of design criteria related to tides, storm surges, currents, wave climate and wave impacts on port structures;
  • Persistence analysis to determine downtime for navigation, berthing and transfer operations,
  • Investigation of port and harbour access channel dredging, channel siltation and optimum dredging strategies;
  • Planning and conceptual design of sand bypass systems based on investigation of sand transport regimes at river entrances, particularly longshore sand movement and its cross-shore distribution;
  • Investigation of environmental impacts of port and harbour developments, including effects on hydrodynamic and sedimentation processes, adjacent coastal processes, marine fauna and flora ecology, shorebird communities and water quality;
  • Investigation of dredge spoil disposal strategies and management plans;
  • Breakwater design, including optimum configuration for protection against wave penetration and siltation and structural stability design of rubble mound (rock) structures (desk analysis and physical model flume testing).
  • Support and assistance with statutory Environmental Clearance and CRZ matters